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Directions & Transportation
Kirtland AFB is located in the southeast quadrant of Albuquerque, adjacent to the Albuquerque International Sunport (which shares its runways with the base). You can reach the base by Interstate 40 (east/west), Exit 164 South (Wyoming Boulevard) or by Interstate 25 (north/south) at Exit 222 (Gibson Boulevard).
If you are planning to arrive by commercial
airlines and are TDY, you can contact the Vehicle Operations Flight at 505-846-2297 before your arrival to request transportation to the base. Hours of operation are 6 am-7 pm weekdays. Commercial transportation is readily available at the airport for all others.
Albuquerque is a major stop for most airlines, Amtrak trains and bus lines.
Your Sponsor
Your sponsor is probably the most important person at Kirtland AFB to assist with preparations for your move. Your sponsor can help you locate temporary and permanent housing, and assist with in processing. Your sponsor should send you pertinent information about the base and local communities—such things as the base
guide, housing information, maps and phone numbers and addresses.
If your sponsor does not contact you within 30 days of your reporting date, contact the commander of your new unit to assign a sponsor to you. For international students, call 505-846-9812 or DSN 246-9812.
Arriving on Base
Kirtland AFB has two visitor control gates open 24 hours a day—the Wyoming Gate and Truman Gate. The Gibson Gate is open 5 a.m.-8 p.m. The base is divided geographically into Kirtland East and Kirtland West. Major organizations on the West side include the 58th Special Operations Wing, Space Development and Test Wing, 150th Fighter Wing of the New Mexico Air National Guard, Air Force
Research Laboratory, Noncommissioned Officers Academy, and base operations. Kirtland East organizations include the Nuclear Weapons Center, 377th Air Base Wing, 498th Armament Systems Wing, Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center, Sandia National Laboratories, Department of Energy, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Air Force Safety Center and Air Force Inspection Agency. There are more than 100 federal government and private sector associate units at Kirtland AFB.

Military Newcomers
When you arrive at Kirtland AFB, your first stop should be the lodging office, on the east side of the installation. Security Forces members at any of the visitor gates can direct you to the lodging office, which is open 24 hours a day. Your commander’s support staff schedules in processing. You will need to take all hand-carried records immediately to the orderly room and they will schedule you for processing, conducted in the Consolidated Support building.
Kirtland AFB’s Consolidated Support building, in Building 20245, on F Street near Wyoming Boulevard, houses most of the offices you will need to visit upon arrival. The Military Personnel Flight, Financial Management, Travel Office, Pass and Registration, Airman and Family Readiness Center, Red Cross, Customer Service, Department of Motor Vehicles and Housing Office are all in this one building for easy “one-stop shopping.”
Civil Service Newcomers
Civilian employees being assigned to appropriated fund positions should report to the Civilian Personnel Office in the Consolidated Support building, telephone 505-846-9556. Civilian employees being assigned to nonappropriated fund positions should report to the Non-appropriated Fund
Human Resources Office, telephone 505-846-1526.
Sandia National Laboratories employees should call 505-844-2698 for more information.
Newcomers' Orientation Program
An individual Newcomers’ Information Fair is conducted twice monthly at the Consolidated Support building. It is a mandatory program for all new military arrivals. DOD civilian personnel and spouses are encouraged to attend. The program is devoted to briefings by the wing commander, command chief master
sergeant and various agencies on base. Representatives from the Airman and Family Readiness Center, chapel, TRICARE, Services, Education Center, Traffic Management Office, legal, Red Cross and other agencies are also available to provide information on their services.
Airman & Family Readiness Center
The Airman and Family Readiness Center located in the Consolidated Support building, Building 20245, assists with individual and
family needs of all DOD personnel and their family members.
The AFRC Relocation Assistance Center at 505-846-6359, has absorbed services and programs formerly provided by Family Services and much more. They provide the Welcome to New Mexico Tour and have local information handouts to assist with adjusting to the area. They maintain a loan closet, where eligible newcomers can borrow household goods like futons, pots and pans, folding chairs and tables until theirs arrive.
For those spouses looking for employment opportunities, the AFRC has a computer resource room with Internet and e-mail capability along with job search seminars and individual assistance.
The center provides information and referral, volunteer opportunities, financial education, transition assistance, family life education, family readiness and other support services.
The center is staffed from 7:15 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call 846-0741 or 846-0751 to register for classes or ask questions.
Kirtland Housing Management & Referral Office (HMRO)
All active duty military members that are qualified to receive BAH must first report to the Kirtland Housing Management and Referral Office before engaging in any residential rental/lease agreement in privatized (on-base) or community (off-base) housing. This requirement also applies to home purchase agreements. The HMRO is in the Consolidated Support Building 20245, Room 119. For further assistance with your housing needs contact the HMRO at 505-846-8217 or DSN 246-8217.
Dormitory Information/Unaccompanied Personnel Information, E-1 to E-4
All unaccompanied personnel grades E-1 to E-4 are required to in process through the dormitory manager. There are 828 rooms available for required assignment of personnel in grades E-1 to E-4. Dormitory rooms are single occupancy rooms with a shared bathroom between rooms. The dormitory manager is at 8201 F Avenue (1st floor). You may contact the dormitory manager for further information prior to in processing. Call 505-853-5479 or DSN 263-5479.
All military family housing units on Kirtland AFB are privatized. Privatization is a cost-effective method to ensure military families have access to safe, quality, affordable housing in a community where they choose to live.
Kirtland Family Housing, LLC now owns and operates the housing units for the next 50 years.

If planning to reside off base, military members are still required to process through the HMRO prior to making any commitments off-base. The KAFB Housing Management and Referral Office has off-base rental and sale listings provided by area realtors or owners wishing to rent or sell property in the Albuquerque Metropolitan and surrounding areas.
Efficiency rental prices average $413, one bedroom apartment rental prices average $515 per month, two bedroom, one bathroom apartments average $591 per month, two bedroom, two bathroom apartments average $701 and three bedroom apartments average $784 per month [ref: Apt. Assoc. of NM (AANM) Comprehensive Apartment Market Survey].
For more information on- and off-base housing, visit the housing Web site at http://www.kirtland.af.mil/library
Pass & Registration
Privately owned vehicles must be registered within 72 hours after arrival on base. To register a vehicle, you must have a current driver’s license (New Mexico accepts other states’ expired licenses for active duty military, provided the individual’s resident state does not require renewal while on active duty), original copies of state vehicle registration and proof of insurance. If your vehicle is not registered in Albuquerque or Bernalillo County, you must get an emissions test and present a vehicle pollution management program certificate. More information on emissions testing is
available from the Pass and Registration Office at 846-6429.
The Pass and Registration Office is in the Consolidated Support building. Its services include vehicle registration, issue of restricted area badges and Air Force civilian identification cards. Application for civilian and contractor identification cards must be obtained from the respective personnel office and restricted area badges, are requested through your unit security manager. For military identification cards, contact the Military Personnel Flight, Customer Service Section at 846-5459.
Postal Service
An important item in any move is maintaining uninterrupted mail service. To assist you in this area, there are a few options. First, ask your sponsor to provide you with an advance mailing address no earlier than 90 days prior to your arrival. If you are a single enlisted member and plan to reside in one of the dormitories, obtain a Postal Service Center box address through your sponsor.
Second, you can also use the following temporary mailing address:
KIRTLAND AFB NM 87117-5524
Upon arrival, individuals using the general delivery address must come by the Postal Service Center to fill out a locator card with your new address. The Postal Service Center does not provide money order service, nor do they deliver registered or certified mail. Their primary function is to provide general delivery service to members awaiting a permanent address.
For other postal needs, Kirtland AFB has a U.S. Post Office at 1400 1st Street SE. It is a fully operational post office with express and priority mail, stamps and rental post office boxes. For additional information, contact the Postal Service Center at 505-846-7718 or DSN 246-7718.
Weapons & Firearms
The Law Enforcement Armory is the designated storage facility for privately owned weapons and ammunition not authorized for retention by owners. Personnel residing in base housing may keep their weapons and ammunition in their quarters or store them in the LE Armory. Individuals living in temporary quarters, lodging, or the dormitories must register and store privately owned weapons in the Armory. You can check out your weapons temporarily, but they must be returned within 72 hours, unless you’re going on leave or temporary duty, or have written permission from your first sergeant or commander.
Concealed weapons permits issued by civil authorities are not valid on Kirtland AFB without the expressed written consent of the installation commander. If you bring a firearm on base, you must inform the gate guard of the intended use and destination. The weapon must be unloaded and not

concealed. The transporting vehicle will not be left unattended and the driver must use the most direct route to and from storage. Firearms cannot be transported on motorcycles, bicycles or any other two- or three-wheeled vehicles. Call the Law Enforcement desk for more information at 846-7913.
Traffic Management Office
It is important that you contact the Inbound Personal Property Section at the Traffic Management Office as soon as you arrive in the area. Personal property is defined as household goods, unaccompanied baggage or mobile homes, and do-it-yourself moves. The owner must provide the Personal Property Section with a currently working telephone number and a temporary or delivery address in order to arrange for prompt delivery of property.
Temporary storage at government expense for up to 90 days may be authorized if your property arrives before you or you cannot find suitable living quarters. You can become personally liable for storage and insurance beyond 90 days if you do not notify the Personal Property Section. The commercial carrier is required to unpack your property at its final destination and place it in the rooms you indicate.
First Term Airman Center
The Kirtland AFB First Term Airman Center is a requirement for new Airmen with Kirtland AFB as their first duty assignment in the Air Force. The program is structured to assist Airmen in transitioning from training to a mission-oriented environment. The course reinforces military lessons first term Airmen learn and experience in Basic Military Training and during technical training. By providing briefings covering various topics and initial ancillary training,
the First Term Airman Center creates an environment for Airmen to develop a warrior spirit and an expeditionary mindset. The course length is 10 duty days (14 calendar days). Courses taught range from customs and courtesies, financial management, family advocacy and disaster preparedness. Tours of Kirtland AFB and Albuquerque are also part of the program. For more information, call the First Term Airman Center at 505-853-7461.
Albuquerque Public Schools
For information on Albuquerque Public Schools, call the APS Community Relations
office at 842-3606 or go to their Web site, www.aps.edu.

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